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He'd been looking precisely where Raymer's law predicted an as-yet-undiscovered planet should exist, between the orbits of Red and High.

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Discover Insight Mission

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The next day she come to my governess and tells her that Sir was at home, but that he had met with a disaster and was very ill, and there was no speaking with him.

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Joseph's skin color was something of a rarity in the modern age, after two centuries of unparalleled war and migration (and then, blessedly, a world at peace for the first time in millenia) had thoroughly mixed up the human gene pool.

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Discover Insight
was formed by two longtime friends, students, practitioners, and teachers of the human potential; Wayne Tittes Sr. and J. Michael Stogner. Their goal is to provide to individuals, groups, and local businesses a variety of offerings for discovering innovative ways to enhance awareness, develop insight, and bring out the huge potential inherent in every person or group of people with a common purpose.

Visit "The Well Business Program" page to see the variety of offerings available to local businesses, government, and groups

Vist our other pages for information on us, our writings, and both public and contracted offerings for individuals, groups, and organizations 

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All of our workshops, groups, and presentations are conducted in an interactive, experiential manner and utilize the experience, skills, and knowledge of some of the most experienced and aware teachers and presenters in a wide spectrum of human potential development.